Best Free Movie Download Sites 2016

When it comes to entertainment, movies stands on first preference of most of the people out there. Once you have started watching movie, you can’t pause it (on some movie streaming sites).

Instead of watching movies online, you should download them using best free movie download sites. Now most of the people prefer torrent when it comes to downloading a movie or something else. But there is one thing about torrent, no all of the torrent users gets good speed in it.


Instead of that you can download movies for free from movie downloading sites 2016. Here in this post we are going to tell you about some of the best free movie download sites which have thousands of movies in their database, and trusted by people from all over the world.

How To Downloads Movies Free from Movie Download Sites?

Well if you are new in downloading or you are going to download movies for first time then dont worry. here we’ll tell you how to download movies for free.

Downloading movies from the free movies sites is very easy. if you want to download movies in your PC or computer then you can use IDM or you can just right click on download link and select save, the movie will start downloading on your browser inbuilt download manager and then you can find it in the out put folder later.

But if you are an android smartphone user and want to download movies on your android mobile then you can download very easily. Just find your favorite movies and then click on the the download link , movie will start downloading and it will store in your mobile’;s download folder.

Best Free Movie Downloads Sites 2016 To Download Full Length Movies Free

DivX Crawler

DivX Crawler is one of the best and most popular website to download movies for free. There are tons of great movies available on this website which you can download without any hassle. Along with free movies, you can also download videos and software from this website. This website also shows the video format and the size of the movie on the movie download page.


WorldFree4U is a popular website which allows you to download PC games, software, songs, Android games, and majorly latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies. On the movie download page, you will be able to see IMDb ratings, user ratings, screenshots of the movie and trailer of it. Do note that the video quality of the movie you will download from WorldFree4U depends of the availability of the movie.


Gingle is an Indian movie download site which have a great number of Hollywood movies too. From this website, you can download movies for free, along with wallpapers, radio, music and images. The most amazing thing about this free movie downloading website is that you can also watch movies on it. So it can also be used as free online movie streaming site.

My Download Tube

As the name suggests, it a download tube which have latest movies in its database and you can download movies for free from this movie download site 2016. We have included this website in this free movie download sites list 2016 because the video quality it provides in movies it unbeatable. Another good thing about this movie download website is that you can watch trailer of the movie, and stream it online too.


This movie download site is basically a movie streaming website, but using some download managers will get your movie downloading work done on it. There is a special page on this website named Tube+ Charts, which shows charts of the movies according to Genre and Year. Along with movies, you can also watch and download TV shows from Tube+.

Motion Empire

Though Motion Empire is not as popular as other movie downloading sites of this list, but this is one of the best free movie download website we have come across. You can download movies, TV shows, Animation, Documentaries, Sports, Asian movies and many more from this website. Another good thing about this movie download website is that you can also upload your own movies on it.

Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher is basically a movie streaming site, but you can also download movies from it. According to us, this is the only movie downloading website in this list which gets updated so fast. You can watch and download movies from this movie downloading site in HD video format. If you are looking for a best free movie download site, then this website is perfect for you.

Free Movies Watch

Don’t think that Free Movies Watch provides you only online movie streaming experience, but this website is pretty popular among those who want to download HD video quality movies for free. Another great thing about Free Movies Watch is that you can find movies till 1940 on this free movie downloading website. The design of this website is beautiful too.

Free Movie Download

Free Movie Downloads is now known as Free Movie Downloads 6, but people still know it by old name. On this website, you can find movies of different genre. This movie download site gives you links to watch movie online, and with movie download links of different video format.


You can download Hollywood and Bollywood movies from this free movie downloading website without sign up. If you are the one who is searching Bollywood movies download website, then you should definitely visit 99HDFilms. This website basically gives you HD movie download links of all of the latest released movies.

Final Words About Free Movie Download Sites 2016

Movie downloading sites are always good to have, as you can download movies anytime you need. If you are a movie freak, who watches a lot of movies, then this free movie download sites list will help you in finding download links of your favourite movies. Though there are many more similar movie download websites available out there, but still we will recommend you to go with above mentioned movie download sites. If you know any other best free movie download sites, then let us know about it via comments

Source: 10 Best Free Movies Download Sites to Download Movies Free


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